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Our Services

Front Office Management

  • Dedicated local staff to answer emails, telephones, PO Box  and correspondence using your branding
  • No need to worry about staffing cover or busy periods
  • We can act as your executive management (see further) too

Website and Branding Management

  • Branding – we can create this for you without tying you down to one supplier
  • Websites – website, development , content creation and management
  • Member management systems – we have experience with multiple platforms

Member Management and Engagement

  • Maintain your member databases and financial systems
  • Magazine/Journal collation publishing and printing.
  • Mailouts, email and campaigns including social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Migration to other systems and platforms including sourcing and recommending 

Meeting and Events Management

  • Agenda  and minute taking including AGMs using best practice compliance and governance
  • Event and webinar management including promotion and administration of events
  • Organisational and secretarial support for sub-committees and branches

Finance/ IT and Governance

  • Statutory compliance and corporate secretarial functions, ASIC, ACNC and regulatory reporting.
  • Accounting and Budgeting: Daily/weekly/monthly reporting and tracking.
  • Annual account review and preparation including auditor and Board liaision and approval
  • Data conversion to cloud including ‘virtual’ servers to ensure records are properly kept and maintained

Viability and Strategy

  • Sourcing  services and cost effective solutions e.g. travel, insurance, legal.
  • Strategy for memberships and  other  revenue growth.
  • Liaison with potential sponsors
  • Short term staffing


  • We can manage part of your service functions in the interim
  • We can also act as your Executive Officer/ General Manager /CEO
  • Management of data conversions and web projects
  • One off projects and their management
  • Event and meeting organisation and management

Our Process

We and our staff members are focused on ensuring that your organisation is run seamlessly without anyone feeling that it is run by us – that is a true indicator of our success.

We bring our wide experience and are experienced enough to approach each organisation differently and take into account factors such as; personnel, personalities, challenges, budget, priorities and strategy.

We work with you to ensure the process design for your organisation takes into account all your unique factors including personalities and history before we mutually agree a course of action. Of course there are some processes that require no input but, it helps to take into account your unique requirements and issues.

We like to agree Key Performance Indicators and your preferred outcomes and most of all we like to work to ensure that your goals are ours and go beyond just a transactional approach.

By focusing on these factor(s) at the start we end up ensuring that you can focus on the bigger issues for your organisation.

Why Choose Us

  • We customise our service
  • We focus on the long term
  • We go beyond the day to day
  • You get our wide experience
  • We can handle any situation


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