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Welcome to Drajon Management

We provide a full range of services – startup to established – we take you from shoebox to Dropbox.

What We Do?

We care for your organisation  and take on back office  functions as if we are you.

Most importantly, we ensure that your efforts and  energy  are maximised on your organisational strategies.

As a minimum, we ensure cost control and service reliability  and,  offer the flexibility and opportunity to  scale your business model to suit you.

Our Services

We provide customised management, back office, meeting organisation and administrative services no matter how big or small – startup to full scale, shoe box to Dropbox, paper to spreadsheets to virtual.

We make time consuming and routine tasks such as subscription and member management, supplier payment,  enquiry responses  to full scale general management easy.

We do this in  a seamless way and  can manage your team or manage the functions ourselves.


We share your commitment and enthusiasm and ensure that your time and energy are effectively spent on the big picture and you leave the operational details to us.

We ensure by working collaboratively with you, that your administrative, customer, governance and financial processes  are met and improved. We keep you away from day to day distractions but keep you fully informed and in control.

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